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JS Engineering Systems, co-founded by Junaid Akhtar Sher, began its journey in 2020, building upon extensive experience in local purchasing and sales of electrical equipment in Faisalabad, the industrial hub of Pakistan.
Junaid  recognized the potential of tapping into the abundant pool of highly skilled and cost-effective labor in the country. Consequently, JS Engineering System serves a US client base from its offices in Pakistan, offering top-notch electrical design and engineering services at a fraction of the cost.
As a company focused on engineering and design services, JS Engineering Systems caters to manufacturers and system integrators, providing support for their projects. Our team comprises skilled engineers and CAD professionals capable of conceptualizing and engineering solutions tailored to your project requirements. By outsourcing your technical documentation, product development, and manufacturing tasks to us, you can benefit from quick turnaround, scalability, and cost savings of up to 75%!
At JS Engineering Systems, we hold women empowerment as a core mission. Understanding the disparity in workforce participation for women in Pakistan, particularly in STEM fields, we are committed to changing this narrative. Actively recruiting female engineers, we offer transportation and remote work benefits to facilitate their growth within our organization.